monday morning: a playlist

I’m an intense person (it’s part of my charm [I hope]). I take everything pretty seriously. I work hard and try hard and my stakes always feel so high.

This feeling affects me the most on Monday mornings. In place of Sunday Scaries, I get Monday morning madness – which I define as an intense sensation that I am somehow not living up to my potential, up to whatever my expectation of myself is that week. I wake up and my stomach drops and I frantically get ready and hurl myself out the door to the safety of my desk. Once I start to work, I settle. But this cycle repeats each week.

I created this playlist as a little antidote to those mornings. Something safe to start the week with, something that I can reach to without thinking about it. Just a few clicks and I have something that feels safe.

If you need it, I hope it helps you too.

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