apple picking tunes

I’m back, book worms, with a brand new playlist that will have you throwing on a flannel and racing to the nearest pumpkin patch (you’re welcome).

Fall is libraries and leather jackets and fresh packs of gel pens and sunny mornings and warm mugs of coffee and seasonal candles and new hobbies and new friends. Fall is for spending as many hours outside as you can, for walking for miles through the city, for frolicking through the pumpkin filled aisles of Trader Joe’s.

To say fall is my favorite season would be an understatement. Like F. Scott Fitzgerald, it brings out something new in me. More so than New Years, it’s a time I use for reflection and intention setting. I think the best things happen in the fall (if you let them).

This playlist is full of songs I love – some new, some old. What’s your go-to fall jam? Drop it in the comments below.

All right, without further ado. Hit play and go forth into that corn maze.

need more tunes?

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