I’m Booked: tips and tricks to decorate your home with books!

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WE MOVED! My two wonderful roommates and I moved to Harlem and we are living in our dream apartment. I mean, it’s a fifth floor walkup, but once you get up here, it IS the dream!

Faced with this new space, we decided to make our home the bookish paradise it was destined to be. And now that it finally feels like home, I want to drop a few tips on you!

1. Arrange your books in whatever way makes you the happiest.

This might seem like a no brainer, but I’ve found readers to be extremely opinionated on how books ought to be organized. And I’d like to say that you should throw caution to the wind and just do absolutely whatever will make you happy when you lay eyes on them. For us, that meant making the living room a series of rainbows. And we love it!

2. Create a special space for your most beloved books.

I pulled aside all of the books that felt extra special to me and put them on spine tower bookshelves in my bedroom. A little reminder of the importance of stories in my life, somewhere I’ll see them every single day.

3. Get creative with how you use your books!

Kyle created this corner of bookish decor with a copy of a book of Truman Capote that was falling apart and I think it’s absolutely the best.

4. Bookcases are not just for books!

We have photographs, cards, party hats, and cat toys on our bookcases. And that’s just what I saw as I scanned the room at this moment – I’m sure there’s more.  Bookcases are for showcasing the things you love.

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Do you use your books as decorations? I’d love to hear how! Tell me in the comments.

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  1. Aryn says:

    I love how even from here in my office in Florida I can tell how worn and loved your Harry Potter books are! Super cute!

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