May Playlist(s): breaking up & falling in

Hello, bookworms!

It’s been so long since I’ve been in this space. But that is all about to change. I’m back. So, let’s talk about what I’ve got for you today. Spoiler alert: not one, but two playlists.

Earlier this week, I put out a call for your favorite breakup songs and you all came through. This might be the most submissions I’ve ever received for a playlist. Clearly we are a group who uses music to process the end of something.

This time last year (almost exactly), I was in a relationship that was coming to an end. It was the most mutual, respectful breakup I could possibly imagine, but it still stung. I lost someone I loved. When I think about myself in those weeks, I have to laugh. I was a complete mess. And it felt so solitary, because he and I completely stopped talking. So I never knew if it had hit him as hard as it hit me.

My friends saved me. Kyle rescued me from the office and took me to the beautiful Book Culture LIC. Ellen slept in my bed multiple nights in a row. Jenna was there an hour after it happened with wine and cookie dough. Michael had a grilled cheese delivered to my desk.

The morning after we’d broken up, I had signed up for a pre-work soulcycle class and it was too late to cancel. It was a P!NK vs Kelly Clarkson class taught by the ever wonderful Max Sheldon. As I clipped into my bike seconds before class started (I was running late), I realized that those two singers sang about love a lot, but it was too late to escape. So I cried through the entire 45 minutes and I felt happy and sad (like a damn Kacey Musgraves song). After that, it was months of sad songs, mad songs, and get-back-in-the-game songs.

So that’s what we have here! Some of my favorites, some of your favorites. This might be the most eclectic playlist in the history of (playlist) creation. I hope these songs give you what you need.


As a special bonus this month, I hereby present you with the public release of my crush playlist. I started this playlist freshman year of college (one of my best friends will think she knows exactly who that crush is and she’s right). It has been through many iterations (and many different crushes) in the past seven years – songs added and deleted as crushes came in and out of my life. As soon as I start to get butterflies in my stomach, I reach for this playlist.

I hope between these two playlists, you find what you need right now. (Or if that’s just straight love songs, I’ve got you.)

I love y’all. I love how spirited you were about recommending songs. I love that across states, continents, and life experiences, this is a thing we all need.


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