April Playlist: spring in my step

IT IS SPRING. SPRING IS HERE. NYC may not have made up its mind yet (as I’m writing this, it is 40, raining, and the grayest of gray skies) but I have. And it is spring in my mind. This week I painted each of my nails a different color to celebrate just that. It’s the most festive I’ve ever felt. And I’m a pretty festive human.

When I compare where I am this spring to where I was last spring, it’s a world of difference. This time last year, I was in a relationship that was coming to an end, I was putting pressure on myself to hit a metric of success determined by the outside world, not by my own happiness, and I was generally frustrated with the content I was creating. I dragged myself out of winter and into spring. This year I feel like I’m sprinting into it. I feel powerful and hopeful. I feel like I can take on just about anything that comes my way and that I’m really excited about the opportunities that are popping up. I’m ready to embrace my city for the magical place it is.

This playlist celebrates just that. The songs we chose (thank you, as always, for your help!) are the songs that make you want to skip down the street. The songs that bring that joy bubbling around inside of you up to the top.

This might be my favorite playlist we’ve made so far. And thank god for the Jonas Brothers reunion, right?

2 thoughts on “April Playlist: spring in my step

  1. Running 'n' Reading says:

    You know how excited I am for this playlist, Morgan; THANK YOU!! 🙂 I’m so happy to hear that you’re in such a great state of mind this spring. Thank you for sharing your “festive” spirit with me, friend!

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