Happy Hour No. 6

Here’s what’s up in my real life this March.  If you’d like to know, keep reading!


Getaway House (NY outpost), Cafe Cluny, the Strand (as always), Brodo, Galli Restaurant

What I couldn’t stop listening to:

So, I’m not quite sure what I did to deserve this, but the JONAS BROTHERS ARE MAKING MUSIC TOGETHER AGAIN and Sucker has just become the soundtrack to my life. Bless you, universe, for putting this song in my life.


This photo just feels like me.


I’m REALLY excited for my Royal Diaries Read Along (and really excited for how excited y’all are to read along with me)! And I really loved answering your questions in this blog post!


March might have been the longest month ever? I somehow am left feeling like February was six months ago (give or take). My world was rocked by a horrific fall on the cobblestones of the West Village that put my knee out of commission for way longer than I would have liked. As if that wasn’t enough, I came down with the flu a week later. I was that really sad kind of sick where you can’t even read or eat ice cream – all you can do is lie on the bed and wait for the fever to pass.

However, the silver living is that these two things happened at an ok time. I was able to take a day and a half off of work to sleep the flu off, and my knee has now completely healed.

Despite my body giving out, there were some really wonderful days that came out of this past month. Too often, my weekends are completely booked and I find myself sprinting from one borough to the next with only a few minutes to spare (it’s the virgo in me). But there were multiple weekend days where I found myself and my best friends completely without plans.

St. Patrick’s Day brought us to a Dexy’s Midnight Runners cover band in Brooklyn (LOL LITERALLY WHAT) and hours of silly fun. Last Sunday was content creation, solo exploring the Strand, hopping through Union Square on one of the first sunny days of the year, and an AMAZING brunch hosted at my friend Allyssa’s apartment. All I want is a day filled with soulcycle, time to read, and hours in the sun with my best friends. Making that a priority this summer.

Finally, I spent two days alone at the New York outpost of Getaway House. This was something that would have terrified a past version of myself, but I loved every second of it. I read an entire book, cooked all of my meals, built a fire, made s’mores, and slept 9 hours a night. It was magical. (And if you also want to do this, use NYCBOOKGIRL25 for $25 off your stay!)

OH ALSO I got a few new piercings (all in my ear) and I love them ALL.


Work. Is. Crazy. Busy. This is definitely the busiest we have been since I started in this office two and a half years ago. And I love it! I love every project we currently have in development. It means needing to find a new balance between my full time job and nycbookgirl – but I feel inspired to strike that balance instead of overwhelmed. This month was draining and my body shutting down definitely slowed me down, but I feel better than I did before. Ready to make it all work.

Content wise, I am SO EXCITED IT IS ABOUT TO BE SPRING. Winter is less than inspiring to me – I’m so restricted in the hours of natural light. I’m forced to take photos before work or on the weekends. But here comes the sun 🙂 Here come many photos taken outside (and many bottles of rosé to be consumed).


Literally everything from this account. Every single post makes me giggle.

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A thing happened at the beginning of March that I’m still dealing with. I’m ok, but it shook me.

As a result, for 99% of this month, I ignored men. And it was very fine. I’m just now at a point where I’m interested in looking around again (slowly). In fact, I redownloaded Hinge this past weekend (for the first time since November) and who do I find within minutes? My ex-boyfriend from sophomore year of high school. Not only that, but Hinge has matched us because it thinks we’ll be “most compatible.” Damn straight, Hinge, we dated for a year! LOL.


Hahaha, I just reread the February entry for mental health life where I proposed taking an hour off each week to just do nothing. Safe to say, I forgot about that goal as quickly as I made it. Maybe next month?

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