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You asked, I answered!
One tip you would give to someone thinking about moving to NYC?

Make a home for yourself in your neighborhood.  The city starts feeling much more comfortable as soon as you figure out your corners of it.  And it doesn’t have to be expensive.  Find the best bagels within five blocks.  Immediately get a library card and head to your nearest branch of the NYPL.  Figure out which bar has the nicest bartenders and the best tots – introduce yourself and shake their hands. Come back.  Go to the same workout classes and don’t be afraid to talk to the people you see multiple times. 

You’ll branch out as well – your schedule will drag you all around the boroughs, you’ll learn to love the subway, you’ll explore different museums and bookstores.  But make sure you make an effort to make your tiny portion of this crazy city feel like yours.  Once the people you’ve found start smiling back – the guys behind the bagel counter, the manager of your library branch, the friendly bartenders – you’ll know you’re finding your place.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

NYC.  I’ve truly always wanted to live here, so everyday feels a bit like living my dream.  But, if I had to pick somewhere else to go, I think I’d pick London. As a professional in the theater industry, the opportunities would be very exciting. They respect theater.  And I just love it there.

And if I could just move absolutely anywhere I wanted and not have to worry about my career, I’d split my time between Paris and Barcelona. I’m hooked on the streets of Paris – every block feels magical and romantic.  But I feel at home in Barcelona (where I studied abroad during my junior year of college).  The people are friendly, the food is amazing, and the weather is perfection.  And both cities have art everywhere.

With such a busy schedule, how do you fit in time to read so many books?

I read during every free moment.  I read while brushing my teeth, while waiting for water to boil, while standing on the subway platform, while riding the subway.  I love audiobooks – I’m constantly filling any moment I can with books that way (showering, folding laundry, walking just about anywhere).  I set my alarm an hour early two or three times a week to save some time for reading before my day is off and running. 

How old are you?


Who is the coolest celeb you’ve spied on the street in NYC?

I saw Tina Fey on the Upper West Side when we first moved here.  I saw Orlando Bloom at a bar when I was home for a weekend in college which obviously sealed the deal of moving to NYC after I graduated.  I met Ryan Reynolds at the gym forever ago but it’s still one of my favorite stories ever (ask me if you’re curious).  I’ve seen Josh Groban three times (maybe this isn’t as exciting for anyone else but it was overwhelming for me). I know there are some other great ones – I’m really good at recognizing celebrities in the wild – but I’m struggling to remember now.

I want to know how you tackle the things that scare you.

I love this question.  I think there are two parts of me that come together in tackling the things that scare me.  The first is the part that loves preparation.  If I feel intimidated by the prospect of something, I prepare doubly (or triply or infinitely) as hard as I might for something else.  I write out what I’m going to say.  I make notes on anything that might be tangentially related.  I like research and rehearsal.  That process also calms me, keeps me focused and feeling like I’m in control.

The second is trust in myself.  I’ve taken on things that scared me in the past – tasks that seemed too big to accomplish, confrontations that made me sweat at the thought of them – and I’ve lived through all of them.  Sometimes, those things have turned out pretty darn great.  If I need to, I make a mental list of those things I’m most proud of.  I remind myself of times I succeeded.  I also find reassurance in my loved ones – I trust their opinion as much as my own.  And this is the side of myself that allows me to just jump.

How hard is dating in NYC? (Cause it’s real hard in D.C.)

It is hard AF.  You have to put effort in.  Sure, you can sit around and wait for your soulmate to get on the same subway car (but, even then, what are the odds you talk to them? Slim.), but that’s just not the way people meet one another in this city anymore.  So you have to be proactive about it. And it takes time, so it’s easy to get disheartened.

Ok, all of that said, I really like dating.  I like meeting new people.  I love flirting.  I love those early moments of “ooh, I might really like this person and they might really like me back.”  And I don’t necessarily mind having those interactions start on an app.  But, even as someone who does not despise this process, I am aware of how much energy and effort this process takes. Sometimes I’m in the mood to do it, and others I’m not.  Right now is one of the “not” times.  I’d just rather be putting my time and energy into something else.

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3 thoughts on “q & a | part I

  1. Nancy Hoit says:

    Apropos of the first question… my mother always said that NYC was the smallest town she knew. She adored NYC just like you do…, and she would comment on the friends she had in the neighborhood… she knew the shoemaker’s life story, the florist’s whole family, the names of the people who also walked their dogs around her block, and was on a first name basis with the doormen and elevator men. (yes they were part of the community when I was growing up). A lot of her friends lived in the same area, and she couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. She lived between 84th and 71st and between Third and Madison all her life. (with weekends on Lloyd Neck and summers on the Cape.)

  2. Mk Garrity says:

    Morgan all I can say is you are living your best life !! You have such a special gift and you remind me of your grandmother Grancy Hoit ! (The Famous Nancy Hoit) She has and still has such of love of books , theater , family and Love of life !! I just love all you share with the world !! Congrats on such a great blog and thank you for sharing your life and books with all of us !!!
    Lots of luck and love
    May Josh Groban read These blogs and see what he is missing !! Lol
    Xo MK:)

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