Holiday Gift Guide: Everything but the Books

Next week, we’ll talk books.  But for today, it’s candles, sequins, Glossier, and more!

For the practical one: tights seem like such a boring gift, but I would swear on Lady Gaga’s life that tights from Wolford are 150% worth the investment.  They rarely run – I have pairs that have lasted me multiple years.  They never slide down – gone are they days of pulling your tights up again and again.  It’s the best kind of present – one you might be hesitant to buy for yourself, but they will change your life.  For an everyday look, I love the neon 40 for something with a little sheerness or the pure 50 for a more opaque option.

For the (literary) homebody: Obvious State just launched a new line of literary candles and they are magical.  The scents are delicious enough to make you quit your day job just to spend all day curled up next to one of these candles. Save 25% through Tuesday with the code HOLIDAY 18.

For the makeup lover: if they don’t already have Glossier in their life, it is up to you to change that ASAP.  They’re my favorite skin care/makeup brand. Nothing is too heavy – every product feels engineered to enhance your natural beauty.  I’m a bit addicted to nearly all of their products, but would highly recommend starting with the Milky Jelly Cleanser, the Balm Dot Com, and the Lidstar.  And my favorite product of all time: Boy Brow.  Get 20% off all purchases today!

For the bookworm who already owns all the books: Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany by Jane Mount (Shop Indie| Shop Amazon).  This is a beautifully illustrated ode to the magic of books.  And I promise you’ll learn something you didn’t know in reading it.

For the game players: the two best games of all time are Monopoly Deal and Rummikub.  And for those who prefer a team based game, check out Codenames.

For the glamour queen: New Years Eve is right around the corner and is there anything more fun than a night dedicated exclusively to wearing sequins?  I’m in love with this pink sequined number that’s now 25% off- festive, yet a unique color for this kind of event.  For something a bit more chill but still in the spirit, I love this black sequined situation.  And if a sequined dress is too much, opt for these adorable loafers (also massively on sale).

For everyone: Oprah’s list of her favorite things is a treasure trove of gift ideas for any person you have ever met.


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