Ghosted (& scenes from The Color Factory)

Thank you to the lovely people at Viking Books for my copy of Ghosted by Rosie Walsh.  All thoughts and images are my own.


Title: Ghosted
Author: Rosie Walsh
Genre: Rom-com mystery
Pub date: July 24, 2018
Read if you like: a good twist.

P.S. our trip to The Color Factory had nothing to do with Ghosted, but I was reading it at the time and we had a blast so here are some of my favorite images from the night!


Ghosted is not in the wheelhouse of books I traditionally read, and yet I was looking for a bit of romance and a bit of mystery for the end of the summer, so I picked it up.  I certainly found both in Ghosted!  It’s perfectly okay – I would not recommend it highly but I would not stop you from reading it if you felt a similar craving. 

One of the elements of Ghosted that I absolutely enjoyed was the unpredictability of it.  I am one of those readers who is always trying to figure out the twist before it happens (and who frequently gets it and then becomes exasperated with the writer – it’s a vicious cycle).  But I truly didn’t see this twist coming because Walsh does not clue you in at all and I loved that.

I also liked Sarah.  I didn’t think she was whiny or crazy – I understood why she was so distressed by the situation.  I enjoyed her character development and felt everything about her made sense – why she chose the career she did, why her friends were close to her, etc.  

I know this has been brief, but I’ve said what I need to say.  This book won’t be particularly memorable for me, but I have no regrets in reading it.  Have you read it?  What did you think?

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For anyone who has ever waited for the call that didn’t come…

When Sarah meets Eddie, they connect instantly and fall deeply in love.  To Sarah, it seems as though her life has finally begun, and it’s mutual: it’s as though Eddie has been waiting forever for her, too.  Sarah is certain she and Eddie know everything about each other. So when he leaves for a long-booked vacation and promises to call from the airport, she has no cause to doubt him.

But he doesn’t call.

Sarah’s friends tell her to forget about him, but she can’t.  She knows something’s happened. There must explanation.

Minutes, days, weeks go by as Sarah become more and more worried.  Then she discovers she’s right. There is a reason Eddie disappeared.  It’s because they both failed to share one essential thing with each other: the truth.  

Ghosted is a novel about the consequences of keeping secrets, about being haunted by grief – but ultimately about learning how to let go of the past.  Most of all, it’s about the joy that comes from utterly opening your heart.

Impossible to put down, Ghosted will surprise you and leave you breathless until the very end.

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