The Glitch

Thank you to the lovely people at Doubleday for my copy of The Glitch by Elisabeth Cohen.  All thoughts and images are my own.


Title: The Glitch
Author: Elisabeth Cohen
Genre: Fun, fast-paced fiction
Pub date: May 22, 2018
Read if you like: Touch, girlbosses, modern adventure stories.


This is one of the most fun reads I’ve found in 2018.  It has a bit of everything – adventure, humor, family, introspection, and so much more. 

This book made me laugh out loud and had me shrieking “I’ve figured it out” all within 3 days of devouring it.  The fictional interview Cohen includes with Shelley, our fierce main character, is some of the most hilarious writing I’ve encountered recently.  The events of this book are absurd in the best way. I was highly entertained. 

I also felt this book hit home regarding questions that have been on my mind lately about what kind of person I want to be when it comes to my work-life balance.  Shelley’s a few years ahead of me, but had me considering where I’m going. I’ve always been motivated and proactive and I love to hustle.  It’s natural for me to throw myself into work without noticing all of the time I’ve given away. But my life is made happier by time spent outside of work doing things I love: reading, spending time with friends and family, being outside, exploring NYC, watching Queer Eye, etc.  This book addresses both the benefits and the cost of the intensity with which Shelley commits to giving herself completely to work. She’s at once a role model and a cautionary tale for women like me. I appreciated the way Cohen’s characterization of Shelley inspired me to put myself in her shoes. 

This book is ideal summer reading that goes just a bit further – asking questions our world’s technological future and what we need regarding privacy.  It’s timely and delightful – whimsical in the best way.  If you want to get swept away on this crazily bumpy ride, pick up The Glitch.


A fast, funny, deeply hilarious debut–The Glitch is the story of a high-profile, TED-talking, power-posing Silicon Valley CEO and mother of two who has it all under control, until a woman claiming to be a younger version of herself appears, causing a major glitch in her over-scheduled, over-staffed, over-worked life. 

Shelley Stone, wife, mother, and CEO of the tech company Conch, is committed to living her most efficient life. She takes her “me time” at 3:30 a.m. on the treadmill, power naps while waiting in line, schedules sex with her husband for when they are already changing clothes, and takes a men’s multivitamin because she refuses to participate in her own oppression. 

But when she meets a young woman also named Shelley Stone who has the same exact scar on her shoulder, Shelley has to wonder: Is she finally buckling under all the pressure? Completely original, brainy, and laugh-out-loud funny, The Glitch introduces one of the most memorable characters in recent fiction and offers a riotous look into work, marriage, and motherhood in our absurd world. 

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