On Blogging

I’ve been looking back on the little ways my life has changed since I started this project nearly three months ago and wanted to share some of them with you now.

  1. Changing my routine – in an attempt to find a few extra minutes to read every day, I started setting my alarm for 30 minutes before I needed to begin my day.  I pour myself a cup of coffee and open my book.  Those 30 minutes have become some of my favorite moments of the day.  It’s amazing how much more accomplished I can feel if I’ve already finished a chapter of my book by the time I get out of bed.
  2. Finding new books – I’ve always read a ridiculous amount, but this past year post-graduation from college was the first time I had total control over what I was reading.  As an English/Theater Studies major who read everything that was assigned, there wasn’t much time left to read for pleasure.  What I’ve learned this year is that there are SO MANY GOOD BOOKS being published every week.  Some people get food envy, but I get book envy when it comes to contemporary literature (ok, let’s be real, I get food envy too).  If I see someone reading something they loved, I need to pick it up.  
  3. Making new friends – from those I’ve actually gotten to meet in person to those I interact with each day, this community is filled with the most wonderful, intelligent people.  
  4. Keeping an account – my blog has turned into an unofficial journal, recording why I felt what I felt about each book.  I try to infuse each post with a bit of my personal life, a little context on where I am coming from.  It has become something to look back on and remember where I was when I read that book.
  5. Seeing NYC in a new light – I’ve always loved New York and I haven’t taken a minute of my life here for granted, but looking for new photo locations has enabled me to find something worth looking at on each street corner.  I pay attention to sidewalks and street art and shadows in a way I hadn’t before.

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  1. Nancy Hoit says:

    we are all in awe that you find this much time to read… and yes, it’s a discipline. I love the way you’ve woven this into your life, your photography, your understanding of the world.

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