My Favorite Things: Podcasts

A list of my favorite podcasts.  First and foremost, my bookish recs, followed by the others that I love.

Bookish podcasts:

The Book Review by The New York Times

Released every Friday, this is a must-listen of mine every week.  Each episode starts with interviews with two authors of recent or upcoming releases, normally lead by the NYT Book Review editor, Pamela Paul.  Then, they discuss news from the literary world.  Finally, each episode finishes with a round table of the NYTBR writers discussing their current reads.  The conversations are intelligent and I always learn something new.  Warning: you will add 432902384 more books to your TBR.

Listen every week.

All the Books! by Book Riot

All the Books! drops every Tuesday morning (with a bonus backlist episode every Friday).  It’s hosted by Liberty Hardy and a rotating cast of Book Riot writers and editors.  Each host brings a list of 3-5 book recommendations releasing that day.  This is a podcast created by book nerds for book nerds.  The conversations are hilarious and incredibly relatable.  Each week wraps up with what they are excited to read next.  Friday’s episodes focus strictly on backlist titles.  I actively look forward to Tuesday morning strictly for a new All the Books!

Listen every week.

Literary Happy Hour with Obvious State by Obvious State

A new monthly podcast released in conjunction with Blind Date with Obvious StateLiterary Happy Hour gives the listener a bit of access into a classic poem each month.  Each month, they release a conversation about a work of poetry (August: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot, September: The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe) and a reading of said poem.  These episodes bring me the joy I felt of being in class – of having that a ha! moment with a poem.  A blend of academic analysis and the pure joy of poetry.

Listen every month.

Everything else:

Slow Burn by Slate

I love this podcast.  The first season cracks open Watergate in a way you’ve never heard it before.  The second season goes deep into Bill Clinton’s impeachment.  I have been known to shout at my phone while listening to this podcast.  It sheds some seriously light on the men we elect to lead our nation.  It’s timely as all get out.

Listen to the entire series.  

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness by Jonathan Van Ness

This podcast is a serious source of light in my life (as is Jonathan Van Ness himself).  Each week, Jonathan interviews on a expert on a topic you might not have ever known you needed to know about.  But you probably do.  As a host, JVN is inquisitive and optimistic and I desperately want him to be my best friend.

Listen whenever you want to smile. And learn something new. If you’re a Queer Eye addict, go back and find the episodes where he interviews each of the Fab Five!

Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso by Girlboss Media

A weekly interview series with Nasty Gal founder & author of GIRLBOSSSophia Amoruso.  Each week, Sophia sits down with a woman doing a badass thing.  Each week, I learn about how to pave your own way in a different industry.  It’ll make you want to accomplish all of you dreams right now.

Listen whenever you need inspiration. #girlpower

No Such Thing As a Fish by Audioboom

This is my favorite comedic podcast (by a long shot).  Four BBC writers come together each week.  Each brings a shocking fact and together, they dissect, build, and joke.  Big emphasis on the joking.  I’ve learned crazy things from this podcast, but mostly I just giggle for an hour.  They feel like my friends.

Listen whenever you need a laugh.

Theater People by Patrick Hines and Mike Jensen

This is a must listen for any theater nerds.  I’d highly recommend scrolling through their old podcasts and listening to any episode with an actor or actress or creator that you love.  Patrick is the perfect podcast host and theater people are just so damn cool. If you get hooked, check out his other series: Broadway Backstory.  Be warned – the Come From Away episode will definitely make you cry.

Pick the episodes that look interesting to you.  Then, once you’re addicted, listen to every single one of them.