Blogs I Actually Read

I still read blogs. I know, I may be the only one out there. Many members of the blogosphere are abandoning the long form posts for the immediacy of social media. But I just love a blog. Without further ado, here is a list of the blogs I love and read regularly!

Om & The City

Jules was one of my first blogging inspirations. I love how she’s unafraid to be honest about everything, from clean skincare to couple’s counseling. I particularly adored this piece on how she maximizes her time as an entrepreneur.

The Stripe

When it comes to blogging, Grace just gets it. The Stripe is the perfect combo of fashion, beauty, and life. And she’s a reader! I trust her recommendations – I think she’s honest about whether products and purchases are worth their cost. And I love when she gets real.

Lonestar Southern

What I love about Kate’s blog is how her personality shines through every post. I am particularly obsessed with her Wedding Wednesday series (even though I am nowhere near planning a wedding myself; I feel like she’s letting us live through her experience and it’s SO FUN).


I go to Olivia’s blog for everything: amazing everyday fashion choices, travel blogs, and her more personal weekly chats (my favorite section). Y’all, I cried when I read her baby announcement – I was so happy for her and her husband!


Mary Orton’s blog is the holy grail of fashion blogs. She has great taste and I have absolutely been swayed into purchases before (like everything from 6 Lip Products Everyone Is Obsessed With) but I love living vicariously through her style as well. You’ve got to explore her 30 Dresses in 30 Days.

Try Living With Lucie

I know, this is a vlog, not a blog, but I love Lucie Fink’s content. She’s a video editor at Refinery29 and her series Try Living with Lucie is the most fun to watch. I love her videos on her personal channel as well!


I love Amy’s style of writing. She doesn’t post as regularly, but when she does, it’s extremely thoughtful and well-crafted. I read every single post she shares. I’d particularly recommend her 2018 Year End Wrap Up.

Pizza Party of One

Life is hard. Ailsa’s blog, Pizza Party of One, is all about the real shit. With wit, humor, and vulnerability, Ailsa deals with heartache in such an honest way, you’ll feel like she’s truly your friend. Once you read one blog post, you won’t stop until you’ve read them all.

The Ardent Biblio

Ok, I don’t know if I read the Ardent Biblio so much as just sit there and stare at how beautiful their literary dinner parties are. Kidding – I love their wrap-ups – but their literary lifestyle posts are just so mind-blowingly beautiful.

Refinery29 Money Diaries

I’m obsessed with this series. I can spend hours reading about how different women across the country budget (and splurge).

Simone and Her Books

Another book blog I love. Simone is such a book lover and that comes through so clearly in each of her intelligent posts. I can’t help but geek out with her as I read along.

What are your favorite blogs?

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