Window Shopping: All the Totes

I’m on the hunt for a new everyday tote. Something professional but something that can carry everything I need on my average day, which includes but isn’t limited to: camera, laptop, wallet, headphones, glasses, 2-3 lipsticks/glosses, planner, notebook, a book (or two or three)… I can go on. Here’s what’s on my wish list!

The Madewell Transport Tote: I just love the look of this bag so much. As the owner of a (smaller) Madewell tote, I can vouch for how yummy the material is and how well these bags hold up over time.

The Everlane Day Market Tote: HELLO, gorgeous. So many beautiful colors, such lovely material, AND an ethical brand. What could be better?

The ABLE Abera Crossbody Tote: I was turned onto this brand by a friend who lives in Nashville when I complimented her bag last week. I love the usability of the large tote with a zipper AND a crossbody strap!

The Cuyana Classic Leather Tote: also comes with a zipper, if you choose. Beautiful color selection. And don’t you just want to feel that leather?

Do you have a tote you love? Let me know where to find it in the comments below!

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