12 songs for 2019

At the end of each year, I create a 12 song playlist as a musical scrapbook. One song for each month – the song that was my perpetual jam, that I couldn’t stop singing in the shower, that seems to capture my vibe. I know each of these songs backwards & forwards. Each has a little memory tied to them (in 2019, I listened to Roam in Rome so many times I lost count, we kicked off my 250th soulcycle ride with Take Me To The Pilot up on the podium, THE JONAS BROTHERS REUNITED, and Higher Love was just the entire summer of 2019 in a nutshell).

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Best Books of 2019

Here they are! My favorite books of 2019. In 2018, there was one piece of nonfiction on my list. In 2017, there were none. This year, there are six. My reading tastes have changed as the world around me has changed. I’m grateful for the books that have helped me continue to figure out my voice. Here’s to celebrating even more of those in 2020.

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I’m Booked: tips and tricks to decorate your home with books!

This post was made possible by Extra Space Storage. Thanks Extra Space!

WE MOVED! My two wonderful roommates and I moved to Harlem and we are living in our dream apartment. I mean, it’s a fifth floor walkup, but once you get up here, it IS the dream!

Faced with this new space, we decided to make our home the bookish paradise it was destined to be. And now that it finally feels like home, I want to drop a few tips on you!

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